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Video is hard, we make it easy
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Here at PacWebTV we keep our clients involved in every stage of production from concept to delivery and we are constantly pushing ourselves, our equipment and our approach to guarantee the best finished product.

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In today’s social media society, visibility is vital to being a leader among your competitors. A few short video testimonials can draw quite a bit of attention, which often times will encourage your visitors to share your content with others on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not only will this help increase exposure across social media networks, it will also help your search engine rankings. This makes it easier for prospects to find your business, access your website and purchase your products and services.

Case Studies

The first benefit a case study will do for your business is establish credibilty. It provides evidence of how and why your product or service has been selected by varying clients. A case study is unique to you and is not something your competitors can easily copy so adding as much content here as possible is a great advantage to you and your business and will also bring them through all aspects of your business from start to finish.

Corporate Videos

As an SME owner, you might think spending money on a corporate video is for the big hitters with massive marketing budgets. But that's not entirely true. If your looking to grow your business and extend the reach of your company investing in a corporate video is an extremely cost effective way. According to research from Forrester studies show that 20% of visitors to your website will read your content as opposed to 80% watching your video.